Protect your living space with insurance from The Elkins Agency. We provide insurance for all kinds of living arrangements, whether you own a

larger house, rent a condo, or live in a mobile home. Our insurance options include flood and earthquake, theft, medical liability for guest

injury, and seasonal or vacation home insurance.

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A landlord's insurance policy covers their building, not your personal belongings. Make sure to protect yourself from fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, and more with renters' insurance from Elkins.



Condo insurance is much the same as homeowners' insurance; the main difference is that condo insurance will not protect the outside of your home.



The Elkins Agency can cover mobile and manufactured homes from single-wide trailers to double-wide. Mobile homes require different kinds of coverage than home or condo; we can walk you through what you need and offer a competitive rate.

Wooden House


Spending time away from your property can lead to damage stacking up when you aren't there to look after it.


If you have a secondary or vacation home, such as a cabin in the mountains, a lake house, or a beach cottage, make sure to get customizable coverage for ice, lightning, or weather damage, as well as guest injuries or and more.

Jet Ski At Sunset


Unlike boat insurance, Jet Ski insurance is handled as part of home insurance.


Get your jet skis covered for on-water accidents and fuel spillage as part of your lake house insurance bundle.