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The Elkins Agency provides coverage for all kinds of vehicles. Beau can help you find the right insurance bundle for you to help you cover all your vehicles with savings you can count on. We work with a wide range of insurance companies to provide you with choices that can fit any need. We can help with collision insurance, towing and roadside assistance, non-crash-related damages, and more.

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Motorcycle Wheel


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Auto & Vehicle Insurance
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Boat insurance can be just as important as car insurance, but usually operates a little differently.


Your insurance packages will vary based on your operating location and distance from the coastline.


We can cover liability, physical damage, medical payments, and even fuel spill and wreckage removal if your boat begins to leak or sink.

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Most states require you to have RV insurance if you're planning to drive through their state-and if you have an RV, you're probably planning to drive it cross-country, so you'll need to be insured.


We can provide standard vehicle coverage, as well as total loss, personal effects, vacation liability, and more.

Boats, Campers, Trailers, RVs
Car, Motorcycles, Trucks
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