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Medical costs and wrongful death can be a massive financial burden. Don't let unforeseen accidents or illnesses destroy your financial

security; The Elkins Agency can help you find the right health and life insurance plans to protect yourself, your family, and your employees.

Life & Group Health Insurance
Family at a Beach


Term life insurance protects you over a specific period and is a great place to start if you don't currently have life insurance.


Term life is less expensive than whole life, and we have options for ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty years depending on your needs.


Most term life insurance plans can even be converted to whole life insurance plans for maximum flexibility.

Term Life


Whole Life Insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that remains in force for your entire lifetime.


While more expensive than term life, whole life insurance plans can build cash value over time, allowing you to better protect your family in case of sudden or wrongful death.

Happy Senior Couple
Whole Life


Make sure your employees' healthcare is covered with group health insurance from The Elkins Agency.


We can customize your plans for health, vision, legal, dental, and more based on your number of employees, demographics, and more.

Group Health
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